Frequently Asked Questions

What size battery will I need?

12v lawn & garden size battery, MIN. 350 cold cranking amps

What Fluid do I use?

AW32 Hydraulic Oil ONLY

What is the difference between ECO & X Series?

X Series are for cars with a raised right-front frame rail. ECO X series are for all cars with no raised rails.

What are the lifting capabilities?

4500 lbs

What hydraulic system do you use?

Power Up / Power Down hydraulic system

Can I pick any color?

ECO X Series comes in flat black only. X Series comes with color selection.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, 1 year

How do the lifts ship?

They ship via UPS in 2 packages. 1 with lift components and 1 with the pump assembly.

Do the lifts ship assembled or unassembled?

Some assembly is required. An instruction pack is included as well as multiple YouTube assembly videos.

Can I wash my car on the lift?

Yes, but do not put direct water pressure on the cylinder seals.

Can I leave my car on the lift during the week?

Yes. There is no limit to the duration of time the car can stay on the lift.

How much does the lift weigh?

67 lbs

How much does the pump box assembly weigh?

65 lbs, but it is all housed in a compact roll around toolbox.

What are the safety features?

With our unit being power up / power down we are able to go past 90 degrees. When the lift is all the way up it is locked.

What are the standard dimensions?

- 41 inches overall width
- 46.75 inches long
- 3 inches tall when collapsed
- 32 inches center to center

Can you sponsor me a lift?

As much as we would love to sponsor every driver that calls us looking for a sponsorship it cannot happen. In order for us to sponsor a lift it has to make good business sense with a very high possibility of high exposure and a return. As a company we have to make money to keep the doors open & continue to do what we love. We review EVERY sponsorship packet that is sent to us and make decisions solely based on ROI as well as exposure. It is nothing personal by any means if we do not give you a sponsorship opportunity, its business.

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